What We Do

Design, build & operate your SAP security

We work with you to design, build and operate a quality SAP security solution that:

  • Reduces your administration
  • Drives more business benefit from your SAP system
  • Improves end-user experiences
  • Is sustainable to manage as you grow and change

Our project delivery follows the principles of the Design, Build and Operate model. This is similar to construction projects, where the vendor operates a facility on behalf of the customer. When it comes to operating your system, we aim to be your long-term partner, providing ongoing technical support, helping with larger implementation and transformation programs, and providing routine health checks and compliance monitoring.


1. Access & Provisioning Model

We review the security of your SAP® systems (access design, build and implementation). By comparing them against best practice standards, we develop an end-to-end user identity lifecycle. The review sets out a roadmap for clean-up, automation improvement, redesign and remediation with the goal of better business acceptance and compliance.

2. GRC Strategy

We review your footprint and requirements for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) against best practice standards and current tools. Your GRC strategy sets out a roadmap for embedding compliance practices in your organisation – both now and into the future. It covers which tools – new and existing – will be needed to achieve ongoing compliance.


3. SAP® Application Security

We design and build security solutions for new and existing SAP® systems. In this phase we implement the recommendations from your SAP® systems security review.

4. ERP Compliance Framework & Tools

We develop a compliance framework to guide the efficient and compliant administration of your systems. It’s designed to make your systems more sustainable and scalable, reduce risk, and decrease ongoing support costs. We can also work with you to optimise and embed current GRC solutions into your business operations.


5. Training & education

We embed key competencies, educate on industry best practice and train on the specifics of your security model. We empower and support your internal team to take charge, with our continual backing when you need us.

6. Solution Support Services

As a long-term support partner, we provide ongoing, on-demand security support. We’re flexible to suit your needs – working on-site or remotely – and either removing the need for full-time security support within your organisation, or complementing and guiding your internal team.

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