Consulting & Specialist Projects

Experts in Consulting and Specialist Projects

Whether you need to evolve your existing SAP application security design, improve processes, get audit ready or implement a new solution, we can help.

System Security Reviews

Complete SAP application system security reviews against industry best practice with clear priorities and recommendations for improvement and refinement, future audit readiness and raising compliance. Ensure your SAP application security keeps pace with evolving organisational processes and developments in SAP technology. Our proven methodology and software solutions will also optimise your SAP software licensing without investing in expensive tools.

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Application Security Solutions

Design, build and implement application security solutions for new and existing SAP solutions for integrity and assurance, and to streamline access control processes, drive business benefit and deliver improved user experience.

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Compliance Frameworks

Implement SAP security frameworks to manage compliance and reduce risk, minimise ongoing support costs, raise governance and compliance, and establish sustainable and scalable systems.

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Operational Integration

Ensure your operational integration. Embed access risk and compliance solutions into your systems and business for consistency, reliability, efficiency and ease.

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Training and Development

Empower your team through training and development and comprehensive knowledge transfer on all aspects of SAP application security, audit and assurance.

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Audit Response

Review and validate internal and external audit findings and respond rapidly with targeted remediation and compliance process improvements.

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The Better Way to Manage SAP Application Access Risk, Governance, and Compliance

Reduce security administration, improve processes, and be audit ready.

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