1. ERP Security and Compliance Review

Standards-based with unique templates & tools.

We review and analyse:

  1. Your shortfalls, pain points and future security and compliance strategy.
  2. Components of your security implementation:
    • Role design
    • Role build
    • Implementation model
    • Request, approval and provisioning methods

We then provide guidance and options to best suit your situation: whether it’s simple fine-tuning or developing new solutions to meet your challenges and requirements. We have a proven methodology based on SAP standards to make this process fast and reliable. We add extra value with our own proven standards and unique templates and tools to detect violations and common audit concerns.

2. ERP Security and Compliance Roadmap

Proactive control to suit your needs and budget.

Our security and compliance roadmaps are flexible to meet both your functional and financial requirements. We provide proactive control – either by implementing the latest technology, or developing lower cost solutions, like standard system reports that are executed periodically.

Our services are backed by extensive experience in designing, developing, implementing and maintaining security and compliance solutions. Plus, we’re up with the latest, whether it’s best practice developments or certifications in the latest technology tools.

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