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Entrust your SAP application security and compliance services to our experienced managed services team.

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With CompliantERP as your preferred managed services provider, you will have a trusted partner who can provide everything from fast and expert troubleshooting right through to comprehensive compliance monitoring and maintenance using world class SAP Security applications.

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There is no doubt that it is challenging for an in-house team to manage today’s significant SAP application security and compliance workloads. That’s where we can help.

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Our managed services offerings are great for businesses of all sizes, and are a particularly smart solution for SMEs who may not have or cannot find the resources and expertise they need in-house.

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Focus on your core business, control your costs, scale your resources and proactively manage risk – without the need for a full onsite team.

Flexibility Across Three Managed Services Offerings

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On-call expertise

Readily access valuable, practical advice from experts you know and who understand your business.
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Co-source arrangement

Enhance and complement your current team to add specialist skills, experience, knowledge and capacity.

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Full-service partner

We can completely manage your SAP application security and provide expert compliance services and software solutions for your operations.

Business Benefits

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Better control your resourcing and other operational costs.

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Peace of mind

Enjoy the confidence of maintaining your SAP solution with raised levels of compliance and security.

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An extension of your team

Work with a preferred partner that understands your business and operational imperatives.

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Transparent, clear and useful reporting

So, you stay ahead and in control.

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Ease and simplicity

We can handle the technical side while keeping it simple, clear and business-focused for you.

The Better Way to Manage SAP Application Access Risk, Governance, and Compliance

Reduce security administration, improve processes, and be audit ready.

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