5. Training and Education

Knowledge transfer so you can be self-sufficient.

Our training and education:

  • Embeds key competencies within your organisation.
  • Educates staff on industry best practice.
  • Trains your team on the specifics of your security model.
  • Empowers and supports your internal staff to take charge and be self-sufficient, with our continual backing if needed.

Our training is conducted in person, backed by detailed documentation that’s tailored for your unique needs.

Education is your best arsenal against non-compliance. To be effective, security must have internal ownership. Therefore, a comprehensive knowledge transfer is a key part of our service.

6. Support

Flexible support to suit your needs.

Our SAP security support isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s tailored to your requirements – whether you’re after fully outsourced security support, a co-support model, or simple phone a friend help when you need it.

You can choose from a range of support services, including:

  1. Customer Support Portal
    Use our Customer Support Portal to raise and check on the status of incidents, requests and changes. It’s ITIL-compliant and user-friendly.
  1. Compliance monitoring
    You might be compliant at the completion of your project, but how do you make sure it stays that way? Our continuous monitoring service provides regular reports on your compliance state. You’ll also receive advice and options on how to align your systems with your compliance framework. We use best practice rulesets and leading industry software to save you the burden of implementing and hosting your own monitoring software.
  1. Health check
    Our health check service compares your operations with your design standards. This can reaffirm adherence to standards or highlight deficiencies in operations or the security model.
  1. Licensing optimisation
    Get ready for your SAP licensing audit with our licensing optimisation service. We baseline current licensing exposure and help you prepare for audit by cleaning-up and fine tuning your license allocations across your SAP landscape.

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