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CompliantERP are the Respected Specialists in SAP Application Security and Compliance

Maintaining access security and ensuring compliance is increasingly crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SAP Managers must effectively manage access risk, streamline processes, and ensure compliance clarity. CompliantERP, the respected SAP Application Security and Compliance specialist, can help.

As an SAP Silver Partner, CompliantERP offers tailored security and compliance consulting services for SAP applications. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with SAP software, empowering businesses to identify, control, and report on access risk. With SAP Recognised Expertise in governance, risk, and compliance solutions in Australia, we have a proven track record in assisting businesses of all sizes.

By leveraging our services, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access. Our solutions provide clear visibility into access risk and enable easy breach management. Real-time risk violation detection allows for immediate action, while tracking access violations over time facilitates proactive risk mitigation.

Securely managing access to vital internal systems like SAP is now a top priority, even for SMEs lacking expertise and resources. Ensuring compliant SAP access security is necessary to avoid failed audits, system breaches, and reputational damage.

We take pride in addressing gaps in SAP application security, managing access risks, surmounting compliance hurdles, and fulfilling audit obligations.

Our specialised services, tools, and accelerators provide comprehensive solutions.

Our talented professionals uphold values such as authenticity, teamwork, positivity, responsiveness, and a relentless commitment to continuous learning.

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Our team is driven to empower your business to raise compliance

First established in 2014, CompliantERP is a 100% Australian-owned business with long-term employees. We pride ourselves in helping companies close gaps in SAP application security & compliance services, manage access risk, overcome compliance challenges, and meet audit obligations through our specialist services, tools, and accelerators.

Our team of highly skilled employees pride themselves on customer service, authenticity, teamwork, being positive, responsive, and always learning.

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Marissa Shipley
Marissa Shipley
Director and Co-Founder
Phil Shipley
Phil Shipley
Director and Co-Founder
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