CERPASS® – CompliantERP Assurance Recognised as “Vendor to Watch” for Access Control Tool

KuppingerCole Analysts have released a report highlighting the rising stars in Access Control Tools designed for SAP Environments.

CERPASS® – CompliantERP Assurance has earned recognition as a ‘Vendor to Watch’ in the space of Access Control Tools, according to a recent report by KuppingerCole Analysts. This recognition highlights CERPASS®’s commitment to providing an innovative Access Control solution for managing SAP environments, earning the software a spot among the industry’s leading security providers and global emerging leaders.

The SAP Environment Challenge

Access Control in SAP environments is no trivial matter. The intricacies of managing permissions, ensuring compliance and safeguarding against security threats demand innovative solutions. As organisations navigate complex SAP landscapes, having a tool that meets and exceeds these challenges is imperative.

The report provides an overview of the market for Access Control Tools for business application environments centred around SAP solutions. Focusing on SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud and other SAP cloud applications.

CERPASS® Redefining Access Control Excellence

CERPASS®’s award-winning Access Control solution empowers organisations to effectively manage and control access risk within their SAP systems. This software is designed to be user-friendly, seamlessly integrating with SAP environments – proving to be a valuable tool for organisations of all sizes.

CERPASS® stands at the forefront of SAP Access Control solutions and being recognised as a “Vendor to Watch” affirms their dedication to excellence.

Highlighted are some notable benefits of CERPASS®:

  1. Seamless integration with SAP: Designed with SAP environments in mind, with seamless integration to SAP software, providing a frictionless experience for users while ensuring access control.
  2. Advanced permissions management: Gone are the days of manual permission assignments, employ advanced algorithms to automate and optimise permissions, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring access control.
  3. Real-time compliance insights: Compliance is non-negotiable, going beyond access control to provide real-time insights into compliance status. This proactive approach empowers organisations to address compliance issues before they escalate.

Vendor to Watch Recognition: What It Means for You

Being recognised as a “Vendor to Watch” in the Access Control Tools for SAP Environments Report demonstrates that CERPASS® is not only keeping pace with industry standards but also establishing new benchmarks in access control innovation. Their dedication to excellence, security, and compliance aligns with their organisational objectives, ensuring a robust and future-ready SAP ecosystem.

To know more or for a free product demo of CERPASS®, get in touch.

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