Common Challenges of Access Control and Compliance Solutions for SAP and How to Overcome Them

The regulatory environment today is incredibly complex, and organisations face increasing pressure to manage risk and comply with ever-changing requirements. Non-compliance can result in massive fines, reputational damage, and even criminal prosecution.

We explore the common challenges of Access Control and Compliance solutions and how to solve them. Throughout this article, we also discuss the existence of Access Control and Compliance solutions for SAP that can help organisations overcome these compliance challenges.

What is Access Control and Compliance for SAP?

Access Control and Compliance for SAP environments is a comprehensive solution that helps organisations improve their security posture, boost compliance, and enhance audit readiness. It is a set of tools and processes that helps organisations manage user access to their SAP systems. It includes features for:

  • Role-based access control: Defining and assigning roles to users based on their job responsibilities.
  • Segregation of duties (SoD): Preventing users from having too much access, which could lead to fraud or errors.
  • Access risk analysis: Identifying and mitigating potential access risks and identifying if risks have been materialised.
  • Emergency access management: Granting temporary privileged access to users in emergencies, and
  • Audit and reporting: Tracking user activity and generating reports to help organisations comply with regulations and validate audit readiness.

To learn more about access control concepts, click here.

Access Control and Compliance is a valuable tool for any organisation that runs SAP. In highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and energy, Access Control and Compliance solutions are essential for legal and operational reasons. Organisations in these industries must comply with complex regulatory requirements, and an Access Control and Compliance solution can help them achieve and maintain their SAP compliance. However, an Access Control and Compliance solution can benefit all organisations that run SAP by managing risks, maintaining compliance, and improving overall governance.

Common Challenges of an Access Control and Compliance Solution. 

While adhering to Access Control and Compliance regulatory requirements is essential, organisations face several common challenges when implementing and managing an Access Control and Compliance solution within their SAP environment.

  1. Cost: The cost of implementing an Access Control and Compliance solution can vary depending on the size and complexity of the organisation’s SAP environment, the features and functionality required, the deployment model chosen, and the level of support and maintenance required.
  2. Complexity: Access Control and Compliance for SAP is often a complex solution with many features and functionality. This can make it difficult to understand and implement all the necessary components and then extract value from the capability. Additionally, Access Control and Compliance solutions need to be integrated with all SAP systems and applications, which can further add to the complexity.
  3. Resource requirements: Implementing and managing an Access Control and Compliance solution for an organisation’s SAP environment requires dedicated resources. This includes having staff with the necessary skills and experience to configure, maintain, and monitor the solution. Organisations with limited resources may find it difficult to meet these requirements.
  4. User adoption: It is important to get users to adopt and use an Access Control and Compliance solution correctly. This can be challenging, especially if users are not familiar with the solution or if they find it to be too complex and an impost to their regular job responsibilities.
  5. Keeping up with updates: Most Access Control and Compliance solutions are constantly being updated with new features and functionality. It is important to keep up with these updates to ensure that the solution is operating effectively and securely within an organisation’s SAP environment. This can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for organisations.

An Access Control and Compliance Solution for SAP that Solves Your Challenges.

CERPASS® – CompliantERP Assurance is a leading Access Control and Compliance solution for SAP that offers a comprehensive solution to the common challenges of Access Control and Compliance. It offers easy integration with your SAP system, automation of tasks, a centralised view of risks and compliance, an easy-to-use interface, and the ability to be scalable and adaptable to an organisation’s changing needs.

This solution can help organisations:

  • Improve their overall Access Control and Compliance posture.
  • Reduce the risk of compliance breaches.
  • Save time and money.
  • Enhance their decision-making.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability.


CERPASS® does this by providing a comprehensive Access Control and Compliance solution for SAP environments that includes the following features:

  1. Integration: Designed to be quick time-to-value, CERPASS® can be up and running in a matter of days, using existing SAP connectivity capability customers are already utilising. Our bespoke integration capability offers superior performance in data transfer to the SAP BTP for optimised real-time in-app data processing.
  2. Automation: Ability to automate tasks, such as risk assessments, compliance monitoring, and reporting. This can free up staff to focus on more strategic tasks and reduce the risk of errors.
  3. Centralised view: Provides a centralised view of the organisation’s risks and compliance status. This can help to improve communication and collaboration between different departments and make it easier to manage.
  4. Easy-to-use interface: Easy-to-use and familiar interface that is accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise. This can help to improve the adoption of CERPASS® and ensure that all staff can contribute to SAP compliance management.
  5. Scalable and adaptable: CERPASS® is scalable and adaptable to meet the changing needs of the organisation, with being S/4HANA ready, CERPASS® can support you on your S/4HANA journey.
  6. Cloud capability: CERPASS® is a cloud-based solution, 100% built on the SAP BTP, that is easy to deploy and requires no maintenance by the customer, ensuring that your Access Control and Compliance solution for SAP is always up to date with the latest features and functionality.

If you are looking for an Access Control and Compliance solution for your SAP environment, that can help you overcome these common challenges and improve your overall SAP compliance posture, contact CompliantERP today to learn how their software, CERPASS® can help you.

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