SAP CDC and SAP IdM Integration

SAP CDC and SAP IdM Integration

Client Requirement

The client required a solution to automate customer onboarding and access provisioning to include the internal SAP landscape via the SAP CDC (Customer Data Cloud) registration system, with the CDC embedded in the external customer portal as the starting point for the registration process.


Client Solution

“Customer Identity from SAP Customer Data Cloud (previously known as Registration-as-a-Service, or RaaS) is a CIAM solution (Customer Identity and Access Management) that enables you to connect with your website and app users and engage with your customers. Customer Identity helps you gather critical information about your users, store that information securely and leverage it for an enhanced customer experience. Use Customer Identity as the pivot point for launching personalized marketing campaigns, providing customer service, and building a trust-based relationship with your users.”  Customer Identity – SAP Help Portal

In order to resolve our client’s need to automate the customer onboarding and access provisioning process, CompliantERP implemented an SAP IDM 8.0 workflow solution.  This workflow solution generates a unique user ID for the user as part of a registration process.  This unique user ID is then mapped to a corresponding SAP user ID for each system.  Once the unique SAP user ID is created in each system, access is then provisioned, and a unique business partner is assigned, which becomes the reference number for the customer’s further interactions with the client.

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