SAP GRC Solutions – are you getting the best return on your investment?

Are you getting the most out of your SAP GRC Solution investment?

SAP GRC solutions offer real-time visibility on a company`s SoD violations. It offers mitigating actions via controls and remediation by creating roles free of SoD issues.

All of these functionalities plus access provisioning creates a way of simulating what the violations are going to be before access is provisioned.

We all desire the above outcome, but it can get out of control when manual compliance processes prevail over automation. Are you sure you are using SAP GRC`s solution capabilities in a way that`s more automated than manual?

How to assess your SAP GRC solutions ROI?

When determining return on investment, both positive and negative outcomes should be assessed. The return on investment of an SAP Access Control implementation consists of adding value to your organisation’s processes, making them more effective and at the same time more reliable.

This brings us to the first consideration when assessing the ROI of a SAP GRC solution implementation: Efficiency.

CompliantERP have SAP GRC solution consultants who are not only security/GRC specialists but are also able to help with the code to give customers a  high level of flexibility to build their workflow processes in a number of different ways.  This can provide:

  • Real-time information for decision making
  • Access to data via dozens of different reports and dashboards
  • Use of workflows to get process assurance

How much of your SAP GRC solution are you using? Do you understand what your SAP GRC solution is capable of versus what you currently have?

It does not mean that your company needs to use all available SAP GRC solution capabilities. However, a simple assessment may uncover some untapped areas which could improve efficiency and enable refinement. In particular, are the repetitive processes automated because, without automation, process repetition becomes something painful that no one wants to do.

“How much of your SAP GRC solution are you using?” is a good question to measure the ROI. If you are not using much of your SAP GRC solution, it means that the probability that your company performs manual administrative tasks is high. Without using core functionalities in a SAP GRC solution, the company lacks process orchestration and it becomes harder and harder to monitor access risks in an efficient way. Duplication of controls belonging to different areas, but addressing the same risks is inevitable when operating in silos.

Second consideration in a SAP GRC solution implementation: Know your risks

Know your risks and the best way to mitigate them via:

  • Risk Mitigation and Monitoring
    • Simpler risk monitoring via automated processes such as:
      • SAP GRC User Access Reviews
      • SAP GRC SOD Reviews
      • FF ID Reviews
  • Less Exposure to Fraud
    • Understanding your risks, monitoring them effectively and controlling excessive access when necessary makes your company less exposed.
  • Risk Remediation
    • It is possible to understand and remediate risks automatically by removing access from users upon review

The third consideration is: Audit and Reporting

Audit and reporting are part of the same group. Auditors will find the information in less time and consequently will spend less time planning and executing.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Easy to find audit requirements
    • Structured reports available with all information on:
      • Access Provisioning
      • Logs
        • Access Risk Changes
        • Control Changes
        • Ruleset changes
        • Function Changes
        • Firefighter Activities
  • Less Findings
    • With information available via reporting it is expected a customer with a SAP GRC solution to have less audit findings
  • No need to consolidate data
    • Information available via dozens of reports and Dashboards

What do you need to have in mind?

It important to keep in mind that realisation of the benefits may not be immediate, but we can help you to analyse your SAP GRC system to ensure you are making the most of your investion. Learn from consultants who have 20+ years of experience in SAP application security and 10+ years in SAP GRC solutions .

CompliantERP are offering an initial SAP GRC review assessment free of charge and a roadmap presentation regarding what your company could be doing to get more from your SAP GRC solution investment.

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